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Button Resin Pendants

Some more resin pendants that I've been busy making... but this time with tiny buttons!

You might say that they're as cute as a button...God I'm sad! 

Anyway they have now been drilled and sanded and one has become a phone charm but the other two are reserved for necklaces. 
Pictures to follow shortly!

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Cath Kidston and Vintage Scrap Fabric Resin Necklace Pendants

The resin jewellery making is going OK! I've actually had pieces that I'm really pleased with! But then on the other hand I have had a serious accident due to the resin making fun! Ah well swings and roundabouts?
The above picture are made from a tear-drop mould and are a mix of Cath Kidston scrap fabric and vintage fabric. I especially like the second from left one. So 70s! 

Here is one of the necklaces after it had been sanded, glossed and drilled.

Not sure if I like it hanging from a ribbon but am unsure  as to what else I can use. Suggestions?

Cath Kidston- Stitch! New Craft Book!

Eeek! Cath Kidston is to release a third craft book on the 1st of October 2010! I am already excited! I have both 'Make' and 'Sew' and I'm hoping the third instalment won't be a disappointment! This time it claims to focuse on needlepoint and cross stitch so fingers crossed it will be full of cute patterns and fun projects! As per the last two books you also get your free kit to get you started! This time it's the cute little pouch on the front!
It is already pre-ordered so I can have it on the day of release! I am a keen bean! In the mean time I shall have to wait..so have been busying myself updating my Amazon wishlist because I'm cool! 

You can pre order form Play.com or Amazon!

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Make Do And Mend Resin Bangle

So when I bought that resin sewing bit and bobs bangle, it got me thinking if I could produce the same sort of thing myself. It's just a natural reaction I seem to have to anything I buy, 'Could I have made that myself?' 
So I got Google-ling and realise that I probably could have made it myself. I then purchased myself some jewellery resin making supplies and have been messing about experimenting since. 

This one of the things I came up with. Inspired by the bracelet I already purchased because quite frankly you can never have too much sewing inspired jewellery.
I still need to file and gloss this one but I'm really pleased with how it turned out!
I got these little sewing decorations from my 99p store which are actually card decorations but they worked so well embedded in my bangle.
I added my own gold decorative paint to the sewing machine...not really sure if I like that part so much!
Ah well more of my pieces to come soon!

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Button Necklace

A small selection of the buttons!
I got lots and lots of buttons from eBay. They were pretty and colourful and I decided to make some of them into a necklace. It was a massive pack and I now  have 133 buttons to use in another projects/ projects! 

It was lovely and simple to make and I'm now thinking that I may make some in shades as well! A greeny one, a bluey one, a pinky purplely one? 

I was wearing a black outfit today and the multi coloured one seemed to work really well!

Hope you like it!

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