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And The Winner Is...

The lovely Lauren at Ten23 Design!

It was honestly a tough call there were lots of cool comments but something jumped out at me about Lauren's

Lauren @ten23designs said...

"I am now a subscriber... so glad I found you. I would love to and should win this book because I love crafts and love halloween... so the book is just screaming my name. 
I am also part of a moms group and I think this book would be a great addition to our craft ideas collection."

So Lauren, the book is yours! I have emailed you so please get into contact to claim your prize!

Sorry to everyone else that entered and didn't get picked but there will be another give-away this week! (yay)...So check back for that!...It's vintage and domino themed!
Also coming soon:
  1. The launch of my Etsy shop.
  2. A recap of my makes.
  3. More give aways!
  4. And maybe some other stuff if I get around to it!

Busy Busy Busy!

As the title suggests I have been really busy this week. I haven't had a chance to really get up to many crafty or creative things! BUT I did have a spare moment to make this:
(Click to enlarge)

It's a backdrop for a Wib's band called Rhythm.(Duh!)...Anyway my friend and I Jonny Garrill (who also designed the album artwork for Rhythm and is the synth player) came up with it. It's made of a dust sheet, orange netting, black fabric paint and one of my old sarongs.  It was all in aid of Rhythm's first live performance that took place in Wib's house.. 

But as well as helping to organise an after-show house party and designing a backdrop with Jonny I also found time to make these:
Cupcake shaped cookies ftw! 

And on a side note.... the blog is totally playing up at the moment. I keep editing it and making it different because I'm so indecisive on how it should actually look..... BUT hopefully I'll figure out the HTML soon and it won't be so wonky looking! hmmm :-/

Pacman Resin Bangle- Waka waka waka

I love PACMAN! I made this for a little swap I was taking part in on Cut out and Keep. I can post it now as my partner has recieved it and hopefully she likes it as much as I liked making it!

I also made this little sloth tote for our swap. He's just hanging there on a branch that has heart shaped leaves. 
You can check out her blog here. I think she was happy with what I sent.  :)

Also the contest to win a sweet Halloween craft book is still open! BUT you now have less than 6 days to enter. So be quick! 

What does everyone think of the new ribbon design? Were the mad flowers better?
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Kiki- Japanese Chin Pendant

Are you bored of the Jewllery posts yet? I was thinking I should perhaps rename the blog to 'Minnie Burton Jewllery!' Just because I haven't really done any other craft recently aprart from making earrings and necklaces and being obsessed with beads.
In my defence since I had a little accident and my eye got a little bit injured I've only been able to manage with large beads and chunky cords.. but I'm feeling so much better now so normal sewing type craft will resume soon.

In the mean time take a look at this little pendant I made. This was one I techincally "broke" my eye on but miracuously it came out ok.

I can't take credit for the pretty picture as this was drawn by a friend of mine. It was an originally a Christmas card that she sent out last year and in all honesty I was toying with the idea of just chucking it, but then I thought 'Nah! Kiki looks way to cute! I'll embed her!' Not literally of course but you  know what I mean.

I'm assuming this was the photo inspiration:
One tiny dog in a whole load of snow!
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**CLOSED**Giveaway! Free Craft Book! Witch Craft!

This give-away is now closed but check back for more freebies... coming soon!

What's this? A free book?
Yes my friends for the first time on this blog there is going to be a giveaway!
I am really pleased to be able to partner with PGUK and Quirk Books to be able to giveaway a fantastic copy of Witch Craft.

Initially if I'm honest I was a little dubious about hosting a giveaway as it's not something I really want my blog to be about...but this book is so fantastic I couldn't resist and I just had to share!

The book is all kinds of awesome with 25 spooky themed crafts to be made just in time for Halloween!

My particular favourite are the Ruby Slippers and the creepy Cross Stitch Button Earrings!

Click here to read my review on Witch Craft.

For your chance to win!

1)Read my review of Witch Craft by clicking here!
2)Then leave a comment on this post or the review to let me know why you think you should be the winner!

*If you aren't already a subscriber don't panic! Go to the Subscribe tab and take one of the options, it's quick and painless! I promise!

The contest if open from today (Monday 11th of October) and will close on Saturday the 23rd of October 23:59 (GMT)

Good Luck!

*If you also feel like promoting this contest via your own blog, facebook, twitter or other means, you can enter more than once! Yay! Just send me a message with your link of promotion and feel free to leave another comment!

Any comments left by non subscribers will not be entered into the contest.
Second commens left without any promotion will be removed.
I reserve the right to remove any comment I feel inappropriate to this blog, book and giveaway.
The winner will be sent the book by PGUK or Quirk books depending on location. Minnie Burton Craft is not responsible for it's delivery.

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Book Review- Witch Craft Magaret (McGuire and Alicia Kachmar)

The kind people at Quirk books and PGUK have sent me a copy of Witch Craft to review. What with Halloween just round the corner I felt it was fairly apt to have a look and see what kind of craft ideas were on offer.
Witch Craft- Wicked Accessories, Creepy-Cute Toys, Magical Treats, and More! Compiled by Margaret McGuire and Alicia Kachmar

This book is a cute little manual for all things spookily sweet. It has a range of crafts from crocheting to cookery and with over 25 different projects there is sure to be something for everyone.

I was a little dubious that the book would continue to have a good standing after the Halloween festivities had passed, but a lot of the projects (though Halloween themed) are transferable to other holidays or can be made into more gerneral crafts. For example the sparkly mary janes and the gorgeous recipe for posion Ivy lip balm could be made at any time of the year and still make a wonderful gift of project.

Whatever level of craft you are at, the book will have something it can offer you... But I must warn that some of the projects involving crocheting or knitting can only really be completed with some prior knowlege of these techniques. The book seems to assume that most of it's readers will have basic knitting or crocheting experience so a little learning as you go along may be required.

Some of the projects are also suitable for more littler ones, such as the graveyard cupcakes and the spooky crystal balls. As well as some fantastic gift ideas it also offers decoration tips which is great if you thinking of planning a Haloween themed bash!

Overall it is a great little book, especially with Halloween just around the corner. You can currently buy it from Amazon for the bargain price of only £6.99 or for even more of a bargain you can enter my giveaway and win a copy for FREE!


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