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Spring is coming!

So I am turning my attention to Spring. It is definitely my favourite time of year and I always seem to have the most fun within that season. I have started to adjust my wardrobe to feel more springy and already looking forward to being able to drive my car with the roof pulled down. I suddenly remembered that springs means new life and decided to provide some shelter for it. I bought a little blue and pink birdhouse and birdfeed. I really hope it gets put to good use. I attached the box to my balcony and put food nearby so hopefully birds will start entertaining me as I gaze out of the window. 

I have also devised a recipe for making fat balls to keep young birds fed and happy. It is important to hang these as high as possible to avoid rodents. 

What will this become!?

I bought this lovely pillowcase from my favourite type of shop- charity! I just loved the vintage retro print. I am currently making it into something to wear I wonder if you can guess. I'll post the completed version when I'm done! 

Accidental Kimono Tutorial

Very easy Kimono top by Minnie Burton

I am no expert! This is how I made my kimono style top! It was originally a table cloth that I was planning to make into a full circle skirt but I cut the waist too big! So I toyed with the idea of making it a poncho style top, but then inspiration struck and I wanted a gypsy style kimono! :D
My illustrations for directions are designed on MS Paint so please over look the god awful shaky hand drawn diagrams. They may not look neat but they hopefully will work!

Accidental Kimono

I made a kimono style top completely by accident! It was originally a table cloth that I loved the fabric of, so I decided to make it a full circle skirt. However I made the hole for the waist way too big and was pulling it over my head to work out how to fix it when I noticed it would make a pretty banging kimono/poncho style top. I think it worked rather well. Looks pretty cool too. Excuse the lack of ironing in the pics!

Dog Bed- Made From Ikea Scrap Fabric

Ikea material dog bed. It was made using a quilt which I had left over from re-upholstering Will's old headboard. The flower pattern material you can see on top, is Ikea material I bought from a charity shop for 50p! I had designed it with a pillowcase type opening to put some sort of stuffing inside but Scarlett loved it as soon as I put it down I decided not to bother.

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