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Cath Kidston and Vintage Scrap Fabric Resin Necklace Pendants

The resin jewellery making is going OK! I've actually had pieces that I'm really pleased with! But then on the other hand I have had a serious accident due to the resin making fun! Ah well swings and roundabouts?
The above picture are made from a tear-drop mould and are a mix of Cath Kidston scrap fabric and vintage fabric. I especially like the second from left one. So 70s! 

Here is one of the necklaces after it had been sanded, glossed and drilled.

Not sure if I like it hanging from a ribbon but am unsure  as to what else I can use. Suggestions?


Gemma said...

Second from the left is my fave too!

I like the ribbon. Fits in with the fabric. You could use a silver jumpring and snake chain?

I'm intreged (sp?). Serious resin caused accident? Do tell so as another beginner at resin I can avoid it. All my resin related injuries have been fairly mild- sanding fingers is a regular!

I've just got some vinamould, as used in Kerry's book. So exciting!!


NoodleBubble said...

Snap my fav too - just discovered your blog via crafteroo forum (Hello Gemma ^ too)

Leather thong in a colour -PINK? or I've seen (don;t ask me where) waxed cotton in some edible colours...

Apryl said...

my favourite is the second from the right... :o) they all look lovely though!

Minnie Burton said...

@Gemma all will be revealed in a future blog post! :)

@Noodle Yes I think leather may look good, waxed cotton? I'll have to look out for that next time I'm craft shopping!

Callen said...

Love, love love these!

They're so nice!

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