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Make Do And Mend Resin Bangle

So when I bought that resin sewing bit and bobs bangle, it got me thinking if I could produce the same sort of thing myself. It's just a natural reaction I seem to have to anything I buy, 'Could I have made that myself?' 
So I got Google-ling and realise that I probably could have made it myself. I then purchased myself some jewellery resin making supplies and have been messing about experimenting since. 

This one of the things I came up with. Inspired by the bracelet I already purchased because quite frankly you can never have too much sewing inspired jewellery.
I still need to file and gloss this one but I'm really pleased with how it turned out!
I got these little sewing decorations from my 99p store which are actually card decorations but they worked so well embedded in my bangle.
I added my own gold decorative paint to the sewing machine...not really sure if I like that part so much!
Ah well more of my pieces to come soon!

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