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New Products for Spring

A sneak preview of the new products due to hit the shop in the next few weeks.

Book Review- The Cookiepedia by Stacey Adimando

A few weeks months ago, PGUK publishng very kindly sent me some of their crafty titles to review. I’ve been really slow in getting round to reading them and testing the projects out, but I’m planning to review a new one each week and I’m starting off with The Cookiepedia shown above.

The book is a fairly substancial hardcover spiral bound book. It is cute and quirky the kind of book I'd expect to see stocked in Urban Outfitters or some other cool bookshop.

The book has over 50 classic and unique recipes. (So many cookies, so little time!) Visually the book is stunning, lovely detailed pictures, cool illustrations, modern fonts- it is very pleasing to read.

I have only had time to test one recipe so far which was the Frosted Cookie receipe on the first few pages. I'm pleased to report that this was a sucess and you can see my effort by clicking here.

The only thing I would say is that I was very dubious about the book to start with because it is an American publication. I am a Brit and I felt that measuring in cups and other American formats could be a bit daunting. (I am used to, and prefer to measure in lbs and ozs) But luckily the book does have a conversion chart so I needn't have worried. It was simple enough to follow and the recipe came off without a hitch.

This book is pretty perfect regardless of whether you have an existing cookie cook book as it has the classic biscuits and the more interesting variety with a range of really scrummy sounding recipes. (I cannot wait to try the maple pecan or the green tea cookies!)

This book is avaliable now from all good bookshops or pick up your copy on Amazon for the bargain price of £10.79*

*Price correct when published.

Hello Kitty Cookies

I was bought a Hello Kitty cookie set for Christmas. Yay for me. Boo for everyone else as now every biscuit and cookie I make will be Hello Kitty shaped!! (Unless they like Hello Kitty as much as me!)

I made these using a recipe from this book and even if I say so myself, they tasted delicious! But I also think they looked pretty darn good. Needless to say I was pretty proud of this effort!

Button Pins

I got this kit from the Southbank Shop.

I made these with it:

Made with Cath Kidston scrap fabric.

Made from old Pillowcases and Scrap fabric.

More scrap fabric.

Sweetie Jewellery!

So I've been adding stuff to my Folksy. And there's a bit of a theme going on.....

(Click picture to enlarge)

Yup it's official I only make sweet themed jewellery these days! 

Hey Dollface!

So I made this doll.....

It was meant to be super simple.... but basically I'm lazy and get distracted really easily so the four I'd initially planned to make aint gonna happen.

I thought it was ok but then the next day I got this in the post and realised I know nothing about making dolls.
How bloomin' cute is that? She's Kiki from the Ghibli film 'Kiki's delivery Service'.

She was crocheted by the very talented and lovely Heather who also has this wicked cute Etsy shop which you should all look at! 

Not only is she gorgeous but not wanting to be a bit odd..... she even has mini crocheted undies! Look!!!

I sent her some stuff too... but it's not arrived yet... the snow is playing such havoc with all the parcels I've sent recently... :/

The doll I made was called Molly but I pretty much hate her and love Kiki now. So Molly's taking a trip to the charity shop soon.

Make the most of it Molls... your days are numbered! 

Craft Fairs!

I have lots of craft fairs coming up. So if you live in the Hertfordshire area I suggest you come and say Hello because I'm nervous and would really love to see a friendly face!

But I really must remind myself that any craft fair involving these:

and these:

Isn't going to be bad!

First one is next Saturday (20th of November) in Bayford Hertfordshire! Which if you're on Facebook (who isn't?) you can find out more about here!  It's going to be great! So if you want to do some crafty Xmas shopping with a percentage of the money going to charity, pop down and buy! 

Incidentally if you're wondering why there has been a lack of posts, Fuji and Argos are to blame for that! Week 3 and the camera hasn't even been fixed yet. The saga continues! Till next time! 



Ok so it isn't craft related but this is the reason for my recent happy self I mentioned in my post about button necklaces! 

She's settled really well and spends her time playing with a pink flamingo toy and sleeping in the sun. We're taking her to puppy training so hopefully we'll get the commands under control soon!

(I haven't forgotten about the domino themed give-away but my camera still isn't back from Fuji, so until then it won't be happening. Can't give away something you guys can't see!) 
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