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Union Jack French Memo Board- How To

I've made a lot of French memo boards for friends and family over the years but I realised I'd never put one of my creations on the internet! So here is the latest one I made which was inspired by the Union Jack flag but I couldn't resist making it pink, floral and girly!
(That Forest ticket is from 2006! Oldskool!)
I used pink gingham ribbons, blue chintz fabric and stuck a big pink heart to the front (cos the middle pin was slightly wonky!).
If you'd like to learn how to make one of these for yourself click below to read more! A sweet little tutorial and more photos of the board follow! The best thing about this project is that it requires no sewing skills!

You will need:

  • A piece of wood, cork board or notice board or similar.
  • A piece of fabric equal to the size of the wood (or cork, etc.) plus 3 inches on each side.  (Pillow cases tend to be perfect!)
  • A piece of batting, wadding, padding equal to the size of the base plus 2 inches on each side. (I actually sometimes use a small amount of old quilt cut to size.
  • A staple gun (power or manual) and enough staples. 
  • Ribbon for each board.
  • Split pins to put into the board where the ribbons cross. (It also keeps the ribbon on the board and in place!)
  • Felt for the back to cover the staples and split pin marks.

Step 1: Lay out all the pieces and line up all your edges. Make sure to smooth down the fabric and batting, which could bunch up in the process.

Step 2: Staple, beginning at the center of each side by turns and then stapling the rest of each side based on whatever scheme you think works best. Pull on the fabric so it becomes taught and smooth.

Step 3: The corners are tricky, but the best method I've found it to staple each side's length out and then fold the corner into a diagonal over itself, like a diamond.

Step 4: Trim the edges of the fabric down to 1/4 - 1/2" to keep it neat.

Step 5: Measure and cut your ribbons.  First, measure corner to corner diagonally and cut those with about 2 inches to spare on each side.

Step 6: Cutting the rest of the ribbons isn't easy so use a tape measure, pieces of string, whatever you can to visualise the lengths and then cut them with a bit to spare, plus the usual 2" on each end to wrap over the frame.

Step 7: Decide on what layout you want your ribbons to be in. You can do diagonal, rectangular, union jack shaped, endless! Play about and see what works for you!

Pin the ribbons in place, applying tension as you pin.

Step 8: Trim the ribbon edges on the back. Then use a bradawl to put holes though the ribbons, fabric and board. (Be careful and don't puncture yourself!) Pop the split pins through the board.

Step 9: Cut a size of felt to cover the board's back so you can't see the ugly split pins, ribbon ends, and staples.  Either staple it or glue it to the back to create a neat finish.

Step 10: Bask in the glory of your new French memo board.

If you have any questions or problems making this drop me a line here! Apologies for the poor photographs my camera is out of action and the I-phone has had to step in!

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will said...

this one looks really good. nice to see your ticket from the city ground too! :p

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