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Sweetie Jewellery!

So I've been adding stuff to my Folksy. And there's a bit of a theme going on.....

(Click picture to enlarge)

Yup it's official I only make sweet themed jewellery these days! 

Hey Dollface!

So I made this doll.....

It was meant to be super simple.... but basically I'm lazy and get distracted really easily so the four I'd initially planned to make aint gonna happen.

I thought it was ok but then the next day I got this in the post and realised I know nothing about making dolls.
How bloomin' cute is that? She's Kiki from the Ghibli film 'Kiki's delivery Service'.

She was crocheted by the very talented and lovely Heather who also has this wicked cute Etsy shop which you should all look at! 

Not only is she gorgeous but not wanting to be a bit odd..... she even has mini crocheted undies! Look!!!

I sent her some stuff too... but it's not arrived yet... the snow is playing such havoc with all the parcels I've sent recently... :/

The doll I made was called Molly but I pretty much hate her and love Kiki now. So Molly's taking a trip to the charity shop soon.

Make the most of it Molls... your days are numbered! 

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