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Craft Fairs!

I have lots of craft fairs coming up. So if you live in the Hertfordshire area I suggest you come and say Hello because I'm nervous and would really love to see a friendly face!

But I really must remind myself that any craft fair involving these:

and these:

Isn't going to be bad!

First one is next Saturday (20th of November) in Bayford Hertfordshire! Which if you're on Facebook (who isn't?) you can find out more about here!  It's going to be great! So if you want to do some crafty Xmas shopping with a percentage of the money going to charity, pop down and buy! 

Incidentally if you're wondering why there has been a lack of posts, Fuji and Argos are to blame for that! Week 3 and the camera hasn't even been fixed yet. The saga continues! Till next time! 



Ok so it isn't craft related but this is the reason for my recent happy self I mentioned in my post about button necklaces! 

She's settled really well and spends her time playing with a pink flamingo toy and sleeping in the sun. We're taking her to puppy training so hopefully we'll get the commands under control soon!

(I haven't forgotten about the domino themed give-away but my camera still isn't back from Fuji, so until then it won't be happening. Can't give away something you guys can't see!) 

The Bead Party

November already! That means I am way overdue in writing about 'The Bead Party' So without further ado...

 Back in September Wib's mum had a birthday, a 'special' birthday, but I won't say how old she was because that would be mean but it was one of those big deal birthdays.

Anyway she decided that as it was a milestone birthday she would like to have a beady party so when she asked for my help I was totally cool and not obsessed about it for weeks...
Only that's a lie because I was completely taken over by all things beaded. Couldn't stop buying, organising, sorting, separating beads for weeks. Lived and breathed beads (not literally of course because that would have killed me) It was kinda really sad O.C.D behaviour now I look back on it.

I've just realised that I haven't explained what a bead party is. I think it's something that kinda got made up by those planning 'The Bead Party' but basically it was a party that involved beads. Lots of beads. And the attendees were invited to decide what they wanted to make and what beads that they wanted to use, sit and have wine and make pretty jewellery.

We hired a village hall, filled it with beads and invited people.

The bead supply area bit.

The table where everyone sat and made pretty things.
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