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Union Jack French Memo Board- How To

I've made a lot of French memo boards for friends and family over the years but I realised I'd never put one of my creations on the internet! So here is the latest one I made which was inspired by the Union Jack flag but I couldn't resist making it pink, floral and girly!
(That Forest ticket is from 2006! Oldskool!)
I used pink gingham ribbons, blue chintz fabric and stuck a big pink heart to the front (cos the middle pin was slightly wonky!).
If you'd like to learn how to make one of these for yourself click below to read more! A sweet little tutorial and more photos of the board follow! The best thing about this project is that it requires no sewing skills!

Sewing Bits and Bobs Bangle

I bought a bangle today. It was so ME! It was filled with cute sewing bits and I just had to have it! I thought it was quite pricey at £14.99 but it was unlike anything else I'd ever seen so took the plunge and just bought it, as they only had one left!

I'm really pleased with it! I got it from a tiny boutique in my home town called the Closet
Honestly soo much cuter in the flesh!

BUT I felt a bit guilty for spending so much on it, so I did what I always do by torturing myself and seeing if I could have found it cheaper online and then feeling sad for being impulsive.

SO I did exactly that and decided to peruse the internet and I FOUND IT!
It was exactly the same but it was £35.00! (YAY!)
For once I had taken an impulsive shopping risk and it had paid off! Yay.
If you want to buy my bracelet for yourself at over double what I paid then head over to the Joy website where you can buy it here.

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Minnie Burton Breaks Turkey!

I didn't literally break Turkey! I did 'break' it in the sense that now over a quarter of my readers come from that particular country.
I really couldn't understand it! I mean 'Why Turkey?' Don't get me wrong, I love Turkey! I had a holiday there once and it was FAB-U-LOUS. Lots of white sand and clear blue water. Gorgeous.
But why were a high percentage of my readers coming from there and not for arguments sake, say Canada or Russia or even Indonesia for that matter....

I decided to do some detective work and looked at all my hits, where they'd come from, what had been typed into a search engine the geographical location of each visitor and so on. I then discovered this website.
And there were two of my skirt tutorials in full glory.

Vintage Inspired Alice In Wonderland Birthday Card

I can reveal this now as it has been sent!

I made this little Alice in Wonderland card for my friend who is a massive fan of the original cartoon version. Super easy to do and did't break the bank! Yay!

Here she is about to eat some cake! Then.....

Oh no! She has grown into a big Alice!

I think I'm done now!

I have finally decided on the design now and I am sticking with it! Afterall can't go back on what I said! I've been working really hard. Hopefully you like the new look. So for your crafting needs, you are in the right place! But if you really did love my silly ramblings you can access those on my brand spanking new blog Modern Minnie! If you spot any errors or mistakes please point them out! I'm by no means perfect!

Thanks for your patience while the site was 'down'! 


Change is good..


–verb (used with object)
 make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of(something) different from what it is or from what it would beif left alone: 
to change one's nameto change one's opinion;to change the course of history.

So the time has come for a big shake-up on this blog. I'm just generally tired with the content, layout, design and everything to do with Minnie Burton. I could give up and just ignore that I ever created this blog, but I don't want to do that! Incidentally did you know most blogs are abandoned within their first three months! I have happily got past that mark but it is time for a complete over-haul... and all though I'm scared because it's gonna be a lot of work with what could be fruitless results, I think it will be kinda exciting too! 

So what can you expect from these changes....
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