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Minnie Burton Breaks Turkey!

I didn't literally break Turkey! I did 'break' it in the sense that now over a quarter of my readers come from that particular country.
I really couldn't understand it! I mean 'Why Turkey?' Don't get me wrong, I love Turkey! I had a holiday there once and it was FAB-U-LOUS. Lots of white sand and clear blue water. Gorgeous.
But why were a high percentage of my readers coming from there and not for arguments sake, say Canada or Russia or even Indonesia for that matter....

I decided to do some detective work and looked at all my hits, where they'd come from, what had been typed into a search engine the geographical location of each visitor and so on. I then discovered this website.
And there were two of my skirt tutorials in full glory.
I can not for the life of me work out what this website is about. I wish I had a translator installed on my computer. I just hope whatever is being said about my projects in Turkish is nice and friendly.... and if that is the case I'd just like to say thanks to Turkey for all the support and hits they've been giving me the past couple of weeks! You guys are ace!

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