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Sewing Bits and Bobs Bangle

I bought a bangle today. It was so ME! It was filled with cute sewing bits and I just had to have it! I thought it was quite pricey at £14.99 but it was unlike anything else I'd ever seen so took the plunge and just bought it, as they only had one left!

I'm really pleased with it! I got it from a tiny boutique in my home town called the Closet
Honestly soo much cuter in the flesh!

BUT I felt a bit guilty for spending so much on it, so I did what I always do by torturing myself and seeing if I could have found it cheaper online and then feeling sad for being impulsive.

SO I did exactly that and decided to peruse the internet and I FOUND IT!
It was exactly the same but it was £35.00! (YAY!)
For once I had taken an impulsive shopping risk and it had paid off! Yay.
If you want to buy my bracelet for yourself at over double what I paid then head over to the Joy website where you can buy it here.

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