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Change is good..


–verb (used with object)
 make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of(something) different from what it is or from what it would beif left alone: 
to change one's nameto change one's opinion;to change the course of history.

So the time has come for a big shake-up on this blog. I'm just generally tired with the content, layout, design and everything to do with Minnie Burton. I could give up and just ignore that I ever created this blog, but I don't want to do that! Incidentally did you know most blogs are abandoned within their first three months! I have happily got past that mark but it is time for a complete over-haul... and all though I'm scared because it's gonna be a lot of work with what could be fruitless results, I think it will be kinda exciting too! 

So what can you expect from these changes....
  1. Consistency- I am bad at blogging loads in a week, then nothing for three weeks. It's gotta stop! 
  2. I vow to also decide on a design and stick with it I'm too indecisive but the time has come to find a theme that I like, that works and that I'll keep.... for at least six months!
  3. More posts about craft- Majority of hits to my blog come from craft minded people. People looking for how-tos, books reviews, and project inspiration. So that is exactly what Minnie Burton is going to become.  I originally set up Minnie Burton as a crafting blog and I've jut become lazy and it's got to stop. Posts aboutshoeshamsters and Burt and Ernie pot holders belong somewhere else! However if you also enjoy the insane ramblings, shopping posts and pretty pictures DON'T WORRY! There is a new blog for that! (Coming soon!)
  4. More 'how-tos' I've been doing a lot of thinking recently, not that I'm a stranger to it(did I mention that I studied Philosophy?) but In this thinking, I came to the conclusion that I can make a few things from scratch to an OK-ish standard, so it's time to share. I am after all self-taught at sewing, baking, knitting and crafting so how hard can it be?  Therefore at least one how-to a week. Promise!
  5. Guest bloggers and blogging. Self explanatory me thinks!
  6. Better photos. Must stop using my I-phone to take pictures and get out my decent camera! Another lazy issue!
  7. Advertisement and affiliates. Yep finally decided on what websites, blogs and companies I want advertised on my site. So that's a bit more boring but also coming soon!
That's all for now. Keep checking back and hopefully you'll like what you see. Tata for now! 


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