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Vintage Silk Scarf Cushion

I love scarves and I have lot and lots of them! I collect them and they sit in a drawer and unless they're woolly and warm I just forget to wear them. I just never think, 'I know this outfit needs a scarf!'
So as a result I had a little clean up of my scarf collection and amongst the cashmere, wool, silk, chiffon and pashmina scarves  I set aside some that I could use in sewing and crafting projects.

I loved the particular silk scarf I used, it was made in Japan and the colours made me feel so summery! But I find square shaped scarves really hard to wear and the colours of this was perfect for sprucing up my living room!

So I turned it into a cushion cover. I think it worked pretty well. The back fabric was also recycled material (I bet you can't guess what it used to be!? Yup a pillowcase!)

I have another lilac scarf in a similar style which I will do the same thing to when I find it.... but in the mean time I hope you enjoy the pics!

There are more pictures of the scarf and pillowcase before it was transformed after the jump!

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