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Minnie Burton has moved! 

Once upon a time to find me you had to type the slightly long winded 
I've made it slightly easier and you can now access the blog at www.minnieburton.co.uk 

(If you really like the old web address you can still access it that way... if you really want to!)

My thanks goes out to Jack, as without him I couldn't work out how to change the URL and all that hosting shizzle. So Thank-you Jack I owe you a pint! 

Also just wanted to mention that I've been tracking all my visitors and have had:

  • 5,541  unique hits
  • 131 returning visitors since May 2010
  • A plethora of visitors from all over the globe


Thank You for the support new and loyal readers!


P.S In celebration check out the new layout design and let me know your opinion.

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