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I'm back baby! (And I made a tie!)

Hello! Remember me? Sorry for lack of posting but now I finally feel a bit settled and ready to re-start this neglected blog! I've been busy busy busy!

But now I'm back and let me show you some of the things that have kept me from blogging:
So I recently went to a wedding it was lovely! I made cakes for the wedding which I will post about when I get my photos back. I was also in charge of decorating which I will also post about at some point in the near future!
For said wedding Will couldn't decide what tie to wear, but he knew he wanted it to match his purple shirt. So after trying in vain to find one he'd like we decided it would be best if I made him one. I luckily had the excellent craft book S.E.W by Diana Rupp which I reviewed a while back!)It was nice and simple and I even made it with polka dot lining. It was made from my favourite recyclable item- a pillowcase!

Once it was a pillowcase.
(Click 'Read More') To see more pictures.

But who needs one odd pillowcase with no matching duvet? It was calling out to be recycled!
Polka dot lining.

1 comment:

Ceeyra Catastrophe said...

I must say, when I first saw the fabric I was sceptical for it as a tie, but it looks fantastic!

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