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The Bead Party

November already! That means I am way overdue in writing about 'The Bead Party' So without further ado...

 Back in September Wib's mum had a birthday, a 'special' birthday, but I won't say how old she was because that would be mean but it was one of those big deal birthdays.

Anyway she decided that as it was a milestone birthday she would like to have a beady party so when she asked for my help I was totally cool and not obsessed about it for weeks...
Only that's a lie because I was completely taken over by all things beaded. Couldn't stop buying, organising, sorting, separating beads for weeks. Lived and breathed beads (not literally of course because that would have killed me) It was kinda really sad O.C.D behaviour now I look back on it.

I've just realised that I haven't explained what a bead party is. I think it's something that kinda got made up by those planning 'The Bead Party' but basically it was a party that involved beads. Lots of beads. And the attendees were invited to decide what they wanted to make and what beads that they wanted to use, sit and have wine and make pretty jewellery.

We hired a village hall, filled it with beads and invited people.

The bead supply area bit.

The table where everyone sat and made pretty things.

It was a pretty successful evening I think and now I really want someone else to have a birthday so we can do it all again. It was so much fun! 

You may be wondering why I'm posting this now. Partly because I have nothing else to write about due to lack of crafting, because of preparing for Thursday (which will from now on be known as 'The day my dream came true.' ) But also partly because my new amazing camera BROKE and is now with the manufacturers being fixed. Encase you're wondering why the photos on this post look like they have jaundice, it's because the camera was on the verge of breaking. Stupid dumb flash! 

And on that note I will leave you with some pictures of things people made on the night.


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