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Craft Fairs!

I have lots of craft fairs coming up. So if you live in the Hertfordshire area I suggest you come and say Hello because I'm nervous and would really love to see a friendly face!

But I really must remind myself that any craft fair involving these:

and these:

Isn't going to be bad!

First one is next Saturday (20th of November) in Bayford Hertfordshire! Which if you're on Facebook (who isn't?) you can find out more about here!  It's going to be great! So if you want to do some crafty Xmas shopping with a percentage of the money going to charity, pop down and buy! 

Incidentally if you're wondering why there has been a lack of posts, Fuji and Argos are to blame for that! Week 3 and the camera hasn't even been fixed yet. The saga continues! Till next time! 


1 comment:

milka said...

hajde da se igramo čeka vas kod mene nagrada ... pozzz

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