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Weekend Inspiration

It's my birthday this weekend! While I'd like to be having a relaxing time with my family, sadly I am a bit snowed under with working this week! But hey it's not like its a special birthday and while technically I am not three years old (add 19 years to that figure!) I just love this card and am going to be thinking about all the..
  1. Good Times.
  2. Suprises.
  3. Friends to Play With. 
For a little bit of happy inspiration! 
It is also a minor double celebration as this here post marks Minnie Burton's 50th post!... which either means I am doing myself proud by keeping up with this blogging lark or that I am too full of my own waffle for my own good! 

I'd also like to say a very happy birthday to my brilliant cousin Scott! He's 21 today! We could have so nearly been twins if only he'd have been born 363 days earlier! 

Have a brilliant weekend I'm going to get my birthday started with some (Palm Oil free) birthday cake! 

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