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Who knows how to crochet?

If anybody can crochet I'd love for someone to make me this... 
[it's my birthday in April]

I found it over at the rather cool 'Crochet Living' which is full of nifty vintage crafting patterns. In case you were wondering it is a poodle wine cosy! I don't know why you need a cosy for wine because I thought most should be served chilled, but hey who cares! I want a poodle wine cosy dammit!
 I so wish I could crochet. Oh well another thing for the 'To Do' list! 
If you are lucky enough to be able to crochet head over to 'Crochet Living' where the patten is available for free! Then get your hooks out and some pink merino and then pop it in the post to me! Thanks!


jen said...

oh, that is too much!! :D can you imagine going to a party with this cover?! hee hee.

Minnie Burton said...

I know it's flippin awesome! Be even better if you added some bows to the neck and ears. That would be kitsch overboard!


Anonymous said...

Your site is a blast! I like the Total Recall t-shirt! I would definitely buy it!
I am now a loyal Minnie Follower
Check out my blogsite if you like

- Aaron Brown

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