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How to- Make A Circular Tablecloth Into A Full Circle Skirt.

My tutorial on how to turn a tablecloth into a kimono is reaching a high level of popularity on the Cut Out and Keep website. (#13 in the top 20 last time I checked.) I am absolutely over the moon, the response I have had for that creation has just been great. Such nice comments!
It got me thinking about how else can I use a tablecloth in other re-fashion projects? I then discovered this gorgeous full circle table cloth in my local charity shop and its fate was decided right there and then.
It went from this .........
To this..........................

A full circle skirt! The print just automatically decided its fate! It was too vintage to be any other type of skirt I think a 50s style suited it down to a T! If you are interested in how to do this project yourself you can find the how to if you click 'read more'.

Circular tablecloths have sometimes seen better days! That's why I suggest breathing new life into one and making it something retro and beautiful to wear!

1) First select your circular tablecloth. I was lucky enough to find this one with gorgeous trim to the bottom. It was calling out to be a skirt!(excuse my messy flat! :s)

2)You the need to fold the circle in half and the half again! (Into a quarter of its size.) The head over to this tutorial........
http://www.whatthecraft.com/tuts/circ.htm and look at technique 2 for how to cut your waist.

BUT because I am lazy and a cheat I decided to make my waist too big.
Firstly because of the pattern on my skirt. By cutting it too big it meant there was an easy to follow flower print to the top I could cut along I also wanted it to be the main focus of my waistband. Basically I could keep a flower effect on the waistband that I particularly liked.
Secondly because it is much easier to make a casing and elasticated skirt than to insert a zipper :)
Tutorial here for making your casing! http://www.ehow.com/how_2216208_make-waistband-casings.html

3) Then fold your skirt into half and cut along the sides. You could just cut one side open but I prefer the two to be cut which means they make side seams rather than just having one at the back. However it is completely up to you!

4) You then need to sew one of the skirt's seams right sides together and make your casing. When making the casing try to get it so it is not smaller than the elastic or much bigger as it will result in a nicer finish.

5) Measure how big your elastic should be and thread through your casing. The sew the last side seam together. 

6) Then bask in the glory of your new tablecloth skirt!

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