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Spring is coming!

So I am turning my attention to Spring. It is definitely my favourite time of year and I always seem to have the most fun within that season. I have started to adjust my wardrobe to feel more springy and already looking forward to being able to drive my car with the roof pulled down. I suddenly remembered that springs means new life and decided to provide some shelter for it. I bought a little blue and pink birdhouse and birdfeed. I really hope it gets put to good use. I attached the box to my balcony and put food nearby so hopefully birds will start entertaining me as I gaze out of the window. 

I have also devised a recipe for making fat balls to keep young birds fed and happy. It is important to hang these as high as possible to avoid rodents. 

You will need:
Some sort of old container, (a yoghurt pot would be perfect.)

Food- nuts, fruit, seeds, bits of cake, bread


1. Make a hole in the bottom of your container. Then thread your string through the hole and fasten with a knot. The container should then hang upside down like a bell.
2.  If you are using bits of old cake, bread, chop them up very fine. You could use a food processor. 
3. Put all food in a bowl and jumble it all together. 
4. Melt the lard (150G) in a saucepan till runny, then pour all over your food coating it in fat.
5. Put the mixture into the yoghurt pot, then allow to cool. 

6. You could use the same pot to make multiple ones or save up pots and make a batch.
7.  When cool hang outside away from the reach of predators.

Please be sensible when selecting foodstuff! 
(no alcoholic, mouldy, or salty products)

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