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Kiki- Japanese Chin Pendant

Are you bored of the Jewllery posts yet? I was thinking I should perhaps rename the blog to 'Minnie Burton Jewllery!' Just because I haven't really done any other craft recently aprart from making earrings and necklaces and being obsessed with beads.
In my defence since I had a little accident and my eye got a little bit injured I've only been able to manage with large beads and chunky cords.. but I'm feeling so much better now so normal sewing type craft will resume soon.

In the mean time take a look at this little pendant I made. This was one I techincally "broke" my eye on but miracuously it came out ok.

I can't take credit for the pretty picture as this was drawn by a friend of mine. It was an originally a Christmas card that she sent out last year and in all honesty I was toying with the idea of just chucking it, but then I thought 'Nah! Kiki looks way to cute! I'll embed her!' Not literally of course but you  know what I mean.

I'm assuming this was the photo inspiration:
One tiny dog in a whole load of snow!
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Gemma said...

Great use of a fabulous drawing

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