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Painting in Nepal

I've been doing what I do best and reminiscing about the good old days! I thought I'd share with you something that was mighty important to me and one of the best make overs I was ever apart of!
(The desk my little helper is standing on is actually her bed!)


More pictures after the jump!

Decorating a bedroom in a Nepali children's home is very stressful when you don't speak the language. Imagine trying to communicate with the carers about your ideas for the girl's bedrooms! Or trying to go into a hardware store shack and order paint. It isn't easy! I didn't know that the paint we bought had to be mixed with oil and water! I did wonder for the first hour or so why it was going on the walls like the substance of thick cream cheese! We got there in the end though and I think the result wasn't half bad! Much better than that hideous peach colour previously!

Now for cheesy 'during' shots!

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Rachie said...

Cute room! Yes, paint outside the USA often has to be mixed..... when redoing our apartment, I got very frustrated when bf's parents said to mix the paint with water. I thought they were just being true to their roots--they are Jewish--haha! (Much love to my jews, of course. <3 )

Turns out, foreign paint is just weird that way.

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