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I phone Sock

I had a little bit of spare material left over from the pillowcase skirt I made. I recently got an I-phone and was dithering about what case to get to protect it. I wasn't sure if I wanted a flip one, a skin style one, a sock style one....There are just too many to choose from so I decided to take the decision making into my own hands and make myself a sock for my I-phone.
It was so simple and easy to make and took me less than twenty minutes! I just measured my phone and worked out how much material I needed. I made a casing for the top so it was a nice tight elasticated fit. I'm just loving red at the moment so luckily it matches my bags, shoes, purse and other things. It must be an Aries thing being a fire sign and all.

Because it is a sock for my I-phone and I use my phone for taking pictures for the blog I can't get a picture of my phone inside the sock! Doh! Ah well just use your imaginations!

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