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Palm Oil Free Fair Trade Easter Egg- Lir

I've had a lot of hits on my blog about my post on palm oil and my quest to find a chocolate Easter Egg that contained none of the yucky stuff.
Well I am pleased to say that for those of you in the UK and Ireland I have found you a palm oil free Easter egg! Hallelujah!
I found this in my local Tesco store it was the only one I could be sure was palm oil free as it had no mention of vegetable oil. The best thing is that it's only £4.99 and made by Lir, who are a fairly small independent chocolate and coffee company based in Killarney, Ireland. I've been to Killarney and had a brilliant time so perhaps I'm biased but it feels good to support a smaller company rather than Cadbury or Nestle for a change! The only thing I'm a bit peeved about is that it came from Tesco, so in a way I'm supporting one of the biggest suppliers of palm oil filled products to the UK but hey you can't win every battle I suppose! 

Check out Lir, Killarney here.
Egg is £4.99 at Tesco.

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